Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why hello FOREVER 21

I haven`t shopped at forever 21 in a LONG time - i felt like they got a little too crazy for me with the clothing . My friend and I went to the mall yesterday to Sephora - I needed an updated shade in Makeup Forever Foundation (i`m a 128 now LOL) anyway !! I'm not supposed to be shopping but we couldn`t help it -- forever 21 was the store we have to pass to get to the car ( :

So we went in -- the mall was closing in 30 mins -- so we had very limited time to look ; I saw some CUTE rings- seriously gorgeous rings && picked up two items

CUTE slouchy fit T shirt- i got it in a medium because i love the comfortable - 8am class type fit LOL 

so adorable - size small ( :

Monday, July 12, 2010

Revlon Almost Nude Lipstick

it`s OFFICIAL . this is the LOVE of my life. Seriously feels sooo good on my lips & the color on my lips is just amazing. I've had this lipstick for a while & I just opened it this morning to try it -- where has it been all my life ?!

getting ready for class now ( :

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sad Sunday

All i did was work today - i couldn't even drive to work because I don't have a car LOL . so instead of taking the bus, my friend picked me up -- he works 1 hour before me - so before I went into work I stopped by Ross. I found this REALLY cute dress !! But it was a size large ... i usually buy a size small OR medium if it runs small - but large ?! OH WELL . i had to have it -- It actually fits perfectly! A little loose but i paired it with a cute belt -- I'll post pics up soon of it on !

I think Ross has some REALLY cute clothes seriously - i guess you just have to be patient and look ! i didn't have alot of time to look (maybe less than an hour) 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eat . Sleep . Work . Math .

My summer officially sucks ! Eat, sleep, work and then math homework ! like WTF ; I'm tired all the time - I just don't want to do anything LOL. I don't have a car anymore because I had to give it to my mom to use since my sister needs my mom's car - so NO shopping :( I'm SOOO depressed. I did order some things from Pacsun yesterday night though ! since i was really sad HAHA that's about the only thing that makes me happy. I ordered 4 tank tops and 1 dress. I'll definitely post it up as soon as I receive the package - It said 6-7 business days :/ which seems like a LONG time.

This weekend my boyfriend & I are going to a car show in New Jersey - i HOPE I can stop by a mall or something with a MAC Cosmetics store inside -- seriously because I'm going crazy

I've been on their website like for the past two days just writing down what I'm going to buy LOL (crazy!!)

LOVE TO LOVE - I seriously NEED this - it looks absolutely AMAZING like i'm just SO in love with these colors. I always LOVE the more neutral / brown colors ! I'm not much of a colorful person when it comes to eyeshadow.

If i don`t get this - i'm going to CRY . seriously LOL

JUST SUPERB- honestly i'm not even sure how this is going to look on me (: but at this point I don't even care !! it looks so cute so i DEF have to get it

Anyway ! I need a new foundation - seriously. I've used MAC Mineralized Satinfinish, Makeup forever Foundation, Revlon Photoready Foundation, MAC Studio Tech ...that's all i can think of right now LOL and currently using MAC Studio Fix Fluid - which i absolutely LOVE but kinda getting bored of .. any suggestions ? I need something with full coverage ( : 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Haul from June

LOL I know I know it’s july ! but here are my favorite products for June – also some cute things I bought throughout June !! I figured I'd post asap before we get too far into July LOL

I LOVE Nar’s Orgasm lip gloss- my absolute FAVORITE

This is the purse I used in June (my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas LOL and I finally got around to using it during the month of June)

My birthday was June 12th and my boyfriend got me a Juicy Couture purse from the Juicy Couture Outlet

Rue 21-

My boyfriend got me this dress I think it was only $7.00

I got these belts for freakinggg $3.00 each ! so crazy lOl

Miley Cyrus Clothing line - Walmart

I LOVE Miley Cyrus’ clothing line from Walmart. I’ve never bought any clothes from Walmart- I think I was on Youtube and I was watching a haul and the girl had some really really cute t shirts and black pants – I was like omg wow that’s so cute. Turns out they were from Walmart. I checked out my local Walmart and got these cute t shirts ! They were only $3.00 each – amazing !! I bought them and actually went back maybe 2 weeks later and they were only $1.00 each !! seriously crazy cheap

This Miley Cyrus skirt is just so cute – it was only $1.00 ! the tag said $5.00 I was like $5.00 wow that’s really cheap as it is – but when I came up to the from it came up $1.00 !!

This black top with an oversized pocket is so cute – I tried it on it’s super comfortable & just looks amazing on. The tag said it was $5.00 and once again wow $5.00 for a shirt that’s freaking amazing – it rang up $3.00 !

Black Miley Cyrus t shirt- this one is my absolute favorite. I love the other white t shirts from miley cyrus but they are see-through, you have to wear a tank top under each of them. This black shirt was SO cute and I just had to have it. I think I was walking through walmart to buy contact solution and I saw it – the tag said 7.00 and I was like that’s a freaking good price so I just grabbed it and did the rest of my shopping. When I checked out it rang up only $3.00 ( : I was SO excited lOl !!

Hot Topic –

I know it’s summer ( : BUT these beanies were just too cute. I love the Nintendo beanie and Charlie the Unicorn is my FAVORITE.

Barbie t shirt – my NEW obsession is Barbie. This shirt is so adorable $5.00

My sister actually got this shirt for me – it’s a size large and usually I’m a small or even medium so I didn’t buy it at first. She called me from the mall and was like do you want it or not because it’s the last one (I LOVE OPTIMUS PRIME lOl) – she just bought it for me LOL . I tried it on and it’s really not that big – very comfortable !

Forever 21 –

I find myself not really shopping in this store anymore- except for like basics like tank tops, t shirts etc. I use to LOVE forever 21 but they started putting a lot of extra weird stuff on the shirts and dresses- like it just makes it hard to even wash it.
I had to have this t shirt though ( : LOL I love it so cute $8.80

This bracelet is SO adorable – I just had to have it !! I think it was like $6.00 ? I can’t remember

I got these Madden Girl heels – I can’t remember what store they’re from but they were only $30.00 ; which is crazy! They were too cute to pass up !

New Aparment !!

Hi all ; i just recently moved into my new apartment ( : & it`s officially been a little over a week !! I still have a LONG way to go on decorating / making everything perfect ! but heres a couple updates:

My room came with a little corner shelf ! i guess the people before didn't remove it. I put ALL of my favorite little things on in -- definitely still a work in progress (as everything is in my apartment LOL) but here are a few shots!

I LOVE hello kitty , VS, MAC, Nars & Sleeping Beauty!

My Closet door - YES alot of work needs to be done - it should be complete by the end of July`10( :

boring bed :/ more pillows will be added asap !

I lost like more than 1/2 of my manga / anime stuff during the move .. but this is what i'm working with so far lol

Most Recent purchase from Macys ! Super cute / comfortable dress - it actually has pockets LOL ! it's a size medium .. I usually buy small but this was the last one & i HAD to have it -- only 9.00 !! super super crazy !

First Blog Post ( :

Welcome to my blog ( : so I thought I`d make a blog to post things about fashion, makeup, my life, celebrities, hot topics & much more . It's basically confessions of a shopaholic - I'm obsessed with shopping ; it makes me feel better when I'm having a bad day. Even if i can't get to the mall - I`ll do some online shopping at my favorite websites. All the things that I post up are things that I bought - what i LOVE about it what i HATE about it - things that I want and things that i just simply want to talk about ! 

Anyways; I`m so excited && I hope this blog grows so I can update more !